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Top Tech Stack for Busy Professionals

There’s no secret to what the CEO of Cohen Brand Management is currently undergoing. Just 2 weeks out until my surgery, and I’ve got clients, a company, and a team to still manage while I’m taking some time away.

So- I wanted to recommend my TOP TECH STACK tools that ALL professionals and business owners should download today that will help you run your business on sunny and rainy days.

1.) Project Management Tool: My top go to used to be Trello, but man, I’ve just recently discovered ClickUp, and I’ll have to say I’m highly impressed. I’m able to manage our entire business and internal affairs in this one tool. All projects break down into tasks and subtasks. I’m easily able to assign the tasks to team members, add any supporting documents and files, and stamp a deadline on the assignment. The part that absolutely sold me was the integrations with Google Drive and Slack! I was also able to do one massive merge from Trello to ClickUp in just a few clicks, no pun intended.

2.) Internal Communication: Slack. Simply put  and why? Once upon a time our team used Skype. While Skype is great for communicating quickly and with international teams, many project details would get lost in conversation. So we swapped to SLACK! Slack allows us to integrate with many of the systems we are already using. It also allows you to break down your conversations into real tasks and boards in your project management systems by using simple backslash commands.

3.) Calendar & Appointments 

4.) Email Organization

5.) Payment Automation

6.) Online Banking + Bill Pay

7.) Hire a Payroll Company

8.) Hire a VA

9.) Hire a Quality Team


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