Free Sales Guide to closing large deals in less than 30 minutes

Allow me to show you how I close High Ticket deals in less than 30 minutes

Without a funnel, no checkout page, no fancy automation tools...

I've spoken to thousands of multi million & billion dollar service providers all over the world, and have used this exact same daily practice to bypass gatekeepers, and close 5 & 6-figure deals in less than 30 minutes. This strategy works even if you have little to no sales experience.

Are you getting interest in your services, but struggle with getting signed contracts and real clients?

Discover the simple strategy I've been using to attracting more qualified leads and closing more deals. This method works when everything else fails.

No need for ad spend

No need for a sales funnel

No need to be super popular on social media. No one even has to know who you are. 

No need for an attractive profile

What You'll Learn In This Free Guide

Worry less, and close more deals. Here's what's inside...

My Weekly Schedule for Productivity

Without a tight schedule none of this will work. You have to put in the time commitment to lock in your success. I share with you what a productive week of sales look like for me. 

How I Break Down My Numbers

I break down how I use my numbers to guide my month, and I'll show you how you can use numbers to stay 1-2 months ahead of your sales goals. I also discuss pipeline building. 

How I use Stories to Lead My Calls

There is an art to sales and that's through story telling. You must become great at story telling in order to break the ice and take control of the call. I use stories to close prospects without them second guessing and giving a long list of rebuttals. 

The Mike Tyson Maneuver I use to handle every objection 

If you want your numbers to rise, you must understand how to process and  handle objections. I'll include my strategy in this guide so you can also follow it. 


If you are getting leads and then failing at closing the deal you are: 

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